Four powerful questions to engage your team and expand your business:

A recent Deloitte study identified the top four critical challenges facing every business today — leadership, engagement, culture, and performance. Your clients are dealing with these same issues and looking to you for help. To tackle these concerns and spark change, you need to ask engaging, thought-provoking questions. These tools provide valuable insights and a proven learning method that people can actually use to immediate effect — easily!

Focus on Culture: How Do Your People Interact to Achieve the Organization's Goals?

Healthy cultures support new ideas and offer an environment where people can express themselves freely and without fear.

They invite opposing views and encourage dissenters to offer a better way, with each person's voice and view honoured through respectful and authentic conversation.

Building this healthy culture requires managers who have keen self-awareness and the interpersonal skills to communicate in ways that are both genuine and effective. They invite honest dialogue, while maintaining an appreciation for different communication styles. Effective communication occurs when open collaboration and respectful disagreement are embraced without anyone feeling threatened or under personal attack.

Businesses, large or small, need leaders who focus on developing efficient work processes (the what) and effective interpersonal processes (the how). Unfortunately, most leaders concentrate their time and energy on building work processes, while most problems and challenges arise from interpersonal processes.

The key is connecting the behaviour to your own personal motivation (the why) — be it people, performance or process. Everyone needs to understand what is driving choices about how to behave and communicate, and how those choices and actions are perceived by others.

Studies show that more than 65 percent of performance issues result from strained relationships — up, down, and across the organisation. it is not the lack of knowledge, skills, or motivation, but the mismanagement of relationships that creates the greatest cost to organisations.


Organizations filled with people who can do this have vibrant cultures that encourage great work!

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