Individual Coaching

Tim Waite

Jan 292 min read

One to One Coaching

We all experience challenges in life — these can add a richness and broaden our viewpoint, if we know how to extract that potential. If you are thinking you need to address some areas of your life, Positive Psychology Coaching could be what helps you realise the beneficial aspects of your challenge.

As Positive Psychology is backed by a vast amount of professional research, a coaching model based on Positive Psychology concepts can offer a more structured and reliable approach to supporting a tailored coaching journey.

An example of how this may work is by expanding your capacity to cope with your challenges. Rather than finding yourself at the point of overwhelm — and without any idea on what to do about it, — how would you be placed to cope with a strategy you yourself prepared and better yet, one you have confidence in because it is based on what’s already worked for you.

Through Positive Psychology Coaching, we’ll focus on where your strengths lie and how they can be used effectively to reach your goals and potential.

You will

  • be able to tap in to your values that motivate you
  • increase your relationship awareness
  • put a stop to self-limiting beliefs
  • increase your sense of wellbeing
  • cope more positively with the stresses and strains of life and work

Only be ready and open-minded to looking at things from another perspective.

What are the first steps?

To make sure we have the best chance of success working together, we will meet, which we can do over the phone/zoom or in person (subject to any practical restrictions — my and your health is a priority)

This 30 minute, free consultation helps us both decide if we will work well together. My contact details can be found on my website,

If we decide to go forward, we’ll then agree on how many sessions — typically three, six or 12 sessions of an hour each — and over what time frame. This will depend on what you would like to achieve.

No two clients are exactly alike, so neither are any two sessions. If you think you want to explore this option, I look forward to hearing from you.