Realising Resilience

Tim Waite

Jan 292 min read

We all react to life challenges in different ways — some people handle them really well, seem to bounce back quickly and react positively. Others can find they are overwhelmed on a daily basis, perhaps finding they aren’t coping the way they thought they normally would.

Workshops and Programs

Our ability to demonstrate resilience changes over time — it’s a dynamic process. Realising Resilience is an opportunity to identify the needs for those on your team and build a workshop, or well-being program to suit those needs. What outcome do you want from your Well-being Strategy? Do you even have a strategy?

I’ve worked with leaders with the desire to give their teams practical tools they can use without delay, in their own context. The tools, exercises and activities in these workshops all have a purpose — to give meaning and understanding to the key elements of resilience and how we view events in life.

If you want to make a real difference to your well-being strategy, call me and make a time to discuss the WHY and then the HOW.

One to One Coaching

Resilience building is an excellent reason to look at one to one coaching; either in a professional or personal context. We will be able to explore your current beliefs on your ability to manage challenges and discover ways to build a personal resilience strategy — some new and some your already have used with success.

What are the first steps?

To make sure we have the best chance of success working together, we will meet, which we can do over the phone/zoom or in person (subject to any practical restrictions — my and your health is a priority)

This 30 minute, free consultation helps us both decide if we will work well together. My contact details can be found on my website,