Results Through Relationships

Tim Waite

Jan 292 min read

Like it or not, unless we hide away as a recluse, we have to deal with people we like, love and spend our workday with — and then there are ones we don’t get on with or don’t like them very much at all. Humans…we’re surrounded by them.

Since 2012 I have used the Core Strengths assessments as a powerful coaching tool both with groups and individuals, to boost effective communication and reduce conflict. This program is based on 50 years research, and continues to be developed. Why stick with this one? There’s more psychometric test products in the market than ever before. Many of them are great, and will work alongside SDI 2.0 very well, depending on what you want to achieve.

In 2020, Core Strengths released the SDI 2.0, their latest assessment platform, and I became an official partner as soon as I was able.

SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) 2.0 provides awareness of how you work to your strengths under 4 conditions: People | Process | Performance and the fourth being under conflict.

When your team engages with SDI 2.0, they are able to share and compare strengths and get tips on how to communicate to build better teams, better relationships and better results.

Using the platform helps teams know how to speak each other’s language and show up with the right strengths for the moment — all while staying true to their intrinsic motives and values. So if results are your goal, let relationships be the glue.

Helping When Times Get Tough

We all need each other when times get tough. Talking and active listening builds connection and can ultimately lead to trust and productive action. If you embed the use of SDI 2.0 in your business, you will always have a “go to” when it comes to getting the right message across in a meaningful way.

What's Next?

Depending of if you’re a small enterprise or a large multi-site organisation, we will tailor the approach to suit your needs and your budget.

Contact me, and we’ll make a time to discuss how you can leverage off this powerful platform.