Self Awareness


The Crisis Kit One thing that's for certain is we will all be experiencing fluctuation of anxiety around an uncertain future during the covid-19 crisis and beyond.

The Crisis Kit can help you to tap in to your mental resources when you're experiencing turbulent times.

The Crisis Kit will help you address:

  • Feeling ill-equipped to deal with the effects of changes in life.
  • The threat of overwhelm.
  • Not knowing where to start in dealing with life challenges right now.
  • Your Road Map One on One Coaching By understanding why we do or say things in certain situations, we can make better decisions.

    My coaching tools and techniques help you to develop as an individual. They also help you build more effective teams, families and communities.

    One option, The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), helps people understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviours in two different conditions — when things are going well and when they face conflict.

    The Wheel Alignment Group Coaching Workshops Research suggests that our emotions relationship, while often considered a "soft" skill, play a direct role in organisational and team performance.

    New goals, different team members, and changing roles, structures, and accountabilities are realities in today's workplace that generate stress, conflict, and other relationship issues at all levels of the organisation.

    The SDI's suite of assessments address the root cause of these issues so that people can make meaningful, sustainable changes in how they lead and work with each other.

    Wellness Coaching

    The link between motivation and wellbeing might seem obvious. However, it is critical to address our emotion and mental health if we want to thrive (not just survive), succeed, and flourish.

    Using a suite of coaching tools based on proven research, Wellness coaching will help you identify your key values, what motivates you, and help you understand WHY and want WHAT you want.

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