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Positive Psychology Coaching with Tim Waite

Getting a better result by maximising your strengths

  • Individual Personal Coaching.

    I use Positive Psychology Coaching to help you capitalise on your strengths, build relationship awareness, and maximise resilience. Having studied and applied traditional coaching techniques alongside Positive Psychology Coaching, we explore how positive and negative experiences are interrelated, to help you flourish.

    Approaches we might take include:

    • Traditional coaching tools to encourage clarity about what is and isn't currently working well.
    • Specific positive psychology interventions to boost your overall happiness and wellbeing.
    • Motivational interviewing to explore how ready, willing, and able you are to make positive and sustainable changes.
    • Behavioural coaching to improve your self-perception and self-efficacy.
    • Solution-focused coaching to set measureable goals and focused action plans.

  • Workshops and Business.

    I will work with you to faciliate an effective and engaging workshop. Building on the power Strengths Deployment Inventory tool to build a workplace where relationships thrive or building resilience through several wellbeing oriented workshop options in my Crisis Coaching Toolkit, we can collaborate to leverage the strengths of your organisation to increase business capability and sustainability.

    Workshops available:

    • Results Through Relationships® — SDI 2.0.
    • Realising Resilience.
    • Maximising Strengths.
    • Crisis Kit Suite.
    • Management Coaching.

    • Blanchard ® NZ Leadership
    • Self Leadership Suite
    • Team Leadership Suite

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