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Personal coaching, professional development journeys and team workshops are available to meet your needs.

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The Quick Story

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. I've long had a curiosity about why people do the things they do, and think the way they think. Right from my first experience observing a "class clown" in primary school, I've wanted to understand what makes us different to each other, why some people are "successful" and others seem not so much.

Mostly, it made me wonder "What does that mean for me?" Fast-forward through the various experiences of life and people and teams and businesses, now I get to explore those questions for myself, and my clients for a living. Fun times!


Working with me

Your mode of development will depend on your needs. These only provide an overview of most of the options available to you.

If you're looking to explore options for yourself or your workplace I suggest we make time to explore just what it is you need to achieve so you're best matched with the right plan.

Rest assured, if I don't think I'm the right match - or you think that too, I'll do my best to find a match that works.

  1. One on One Coaching

    From the simplest change to something more in-depth and insightful, we work together by understanding where you are now - where you want to be - and how you can get there. Strength's focused for sustainable change.

  2. Workshops

    Both public workshops and in-house are available for flexibility. Tim is an Authorised Consulting Affiliate for Blanchard NZ, bringing the full suite of leadership development programs of this global powerhouse. These can often sit alongside your current strategies or develop individual Leadership Journeys. For a full list of options, please contact us.

  3. Professional Development

    Ranging from individual coaching to in-house leadership workshops. Using the right tools and programs to match your needs you will impact your effectiveness and efficiency. For your key leaders and managers, they will appreciate your investment in their development, giving you and your business the tick of approval.

  4. Strengths Assessments

    Certified Core Strengths Official Partner — Extended DISC Practitioner VIA — Strengths profiles

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